Condition Surveys

From larger scale industrial and commercial properties to smaller residential dwellings AWM Surveyors can provide you with an independent condition report of the external building fabric including all types - pitch and flat roofing, wall cladding, facades, curtain walling, block, render and glazing.

Our vast experience in all types of external building fabrics coupled with an extensive database of standard details and historical data allows us to gauge how a building fabric should react to weather, environmental pressures and building usage. This, in turn, allows us to provide clients with an accurate forecast of how a building may degrade in the future.

Building owners are able to make comprehensive and cost-effective long-term decisions on maintenance and building fabric renewal, while at the same time minimising the danger of unnecessary or premature work being carried out.

Invasive inspections

Should defects be difficult to determine, in many cases the only option is to remove areas of building fabric. In considering such undertakings it is important to ensure that the building fabric is removed by experienced personnel fully understanding of the system installed to minimise disruption and eliminate the risks of damage both in removal and reinstatement. AWM Surveyor inspectors and support technicians are highly experienced in all types of roofing, façades and wall cladding and come fully equipped to remove areas, inspect and record the findings.

Rope access
Rope access has in recent years become a major part of building inspection access in the construction industry. This is because of the nature and complexity of modern building construction as well as the fact there is often restricted access to inspect, clean and maintain.

Despite its apparent risk, rope access done correctly is in fact one of the safest methods of accessing difficult areas of a building, and therefore has been adopted by AWM Surveyors as a safe method of inspection. It also provides a cost-effective solution to building owners where normal access cannot be achieved.

All AWM Surveyors rope access technicians are IRATA-certificated, and we only use Level 2 or 3 technicians, who will have many years of experience.

Full risk assessments and method statements are produced and agreed with clients prior to the works starting.

We ensure that all rope access activities are closely monitored during the works, and all rope access inspection and works are fully insured.

Powered access inspections
Health and Safety regulations determine that we will always use the safest methods of access when conducting building fabric surveys.

Where possible all planned surveys will be risk assessed and the appropriate access methods will be employed.

All of our inspector technicians have been trained to operate Mobile Elevated Working Platforms and all are IPAF certified.

As a long standing operator in the construction arena, we fully endorse and comply with the evolving health and safety regulatory landscape. We are deeply committed to ensuring that we and our clients understand their obligations to safe working practices on building structures.

All AWM Surveyor services are covered by Professional Indemnity insurances of up to £2 million.Contact us