Other Services

Mast Camera Inspection / Drone Surveys

Utilising the latest technology is essential to providing the client with effective and cost-efficient results. Where initial investigations into building defects or summary conditions are required, the use of this type of surveying technique can be a valuable tool to clients providing a more cost-effective means to meet their initial needs.

AWM Surveyors utilise high resolution cameras coupled with lightweight mast technology reaching up to 10m to provide relevant high-resolution imagery and video. Where higher level surveys over large areas are required the use of a Drone to record high resolution imagery and video can be adopted with all pilots fully insured and CAA approved.

The use of these systems has become increasingly important for the assessment of more traditional fibrous cement and asbestos cement roofing systems which are fragile in nature, and therefore unsafe to physically access without additional safety provisions and specialist access equipment. The use of the Drones and high reach camera systems have become a valuable tool in the assessment of this ageing roofing stock. Our CAA certified operators are fully trained and experienced in the use of the latest drone technology along with having an invaluable knowledge of roofing systems allowing them to gather relevant and key information needed.

Mini Cam / Borescope inspections

The use of Mini-Cam cameras is particularly valuable in the inspection of confined spaces. No longer is there need to undertake large invasive works to inspect when a small hole can be cut in the construction and the camera placed in the void. Using the latest technology and pivoting camera technology we are able to fully record the details of building cavities. All images are high resolution and can be broadcast live back to a local PC for immediate full on-screen assessment.

Thermographic inspections

Thermographic inspections are a way of inspecting a building area using Infra-red technology to map the temperature of an area. Every object, however hot or cold, emits energy and this energy release can be captured and measured by a thermographic camera. During the day the radiation otherwise known as heat energy from the sun is absorbed by the building fabric. As all materials release energy at different rates, by recording and mapping the temperature differentials in an evening or night an experienced and qualified technician can use the data collected to determine any areas of defect.

This is a particularly useful tool for the assessment of building thermal continuity, cold bridging and air leakage. It can also provide meaningful results in the assessment of moisture and water ingress within a roofing system to identify clearly the extent of any ingress and remediation works that are required to renew the affected coverings.

All AWM Surveyor services are covered by Professional Indemnity insurances of up to £2 million.Contact us