Cladding Inspections

There are a multitude of cladding and façade materials used in today's market from timber to composite materials. The most common cladding systems installed are prefabricated non-load bearing panels which are typically secured directly to the building structure or additional support frame. Although non-load bearing the cladding has a vital role in transferring loads such as wind and snow back to the structural framework.

No matter what the system they all serve the purpose to weather the building, providing the required aesthetic finish and, in most cases, provide thermal properties. But with such diversity in materials and design it is important that suitable QA checks of the installation are performed throughout the installation ensuring that the substructure framework and associated insulation and barriers are correctly installed.

This is where AWM Surveyors knowledgeable and experience site quality inspectors can provide invaluable assistance in the monitoring and recording of the installation process ensuring correct installation methods adopted, any deficiencies clearly identified allowing corrective actions to be implemented.

All AWM Surveyor services are covered by Professional Indemnity insurances of up to £2 million, which includes all aspects of cladding and façade inspection works performed with no limitations or reductions of cover in this ever-demanding area of construction.Contact us