Installation Auditing – Providing Quality Assurance to your build

The traditional role of a full-time clerk of works on a construction site has diminished within the industry, yet the correct installation of products remains key to the long term assurance and performance of a building throughout its life.

Any errors in installation can prove costly to correct at a later date, result in accelerated ageing of the build and can increase building operational costs in areas such as heating due to poor or ineffective air sealing.

Our on-site assurance quality inspections are utilised by large main contractors and retailers throughout the UK, as a key function in providing expert feedback to the client and peace of mind to the end user. Our site inspectors are highly trained and skilled in a multitude of disciplines ensuring the specified products are those installed to both manufacturers recommendations and approved construction details ensuring each stage of the construction meets the exacting needs and standard of quality.

On-site quality inspections can be performed at intervals to meet the client’s requirements whether that be daily, weekly or fortnightly we are there to support you in the drive for a quality and defect-free installation.

Our expertise focuses on the external fabric of the building including all types of cladding, roofing, façades and render. We then provide detailed photographic reports identifying the progress, quality of installation and compliance with manufacturer’s recommendations, the design specifications and latest industry standards. We work closely with all parties to ensure any identified deficiencies within the construction are readily identified and corrective actions agreed and implemented.

All AWM Surveyor services are covered by Professional Indemnity insurances of up to £2 million.Contact us