Roof Maintenance

The monitoring and maintenance of a roofing system is an important part of their management to ensure they perform long term and often forms part of roofing product manufacturers guarantee requirements. Roof areas are often overlooked as they are an 'unseen' area, and by undertaking a maintenance regime with AWM Surveyors we are able to assist you in correct maintenance of a roofing system, meeting guarantee obligations and providing you with invaluable feedback on your roofing system performance.

High level and difficult to reach locations are not an issue for our technicians and we can employ various techniques to safely access with our operatives trained in the use of Mobile Elevated Working Platforms, Scaffold erecting and Industrial Rope Access.

External guttering can be easily accessed to clean without the need for working on the roof or utilising other access means, reducing risk and costs. AWM Surveyors utilise the latest high reach industrial cleaning equipment capable of reaching up to 14m and can record high resolution images of the condition of the areas to both demonstrate condition before and after but also highlight any concerns with the condition of gutters or surrounding areas.

By undertaking maintenance and recording condition it enables a proactive approach in managing roofing stock to ensure issues are dealt with efficiently. This in turn can reduce the cost implications of dealing with any roof related defect or damage, along with minimising the impact of any such issues for the day to day running of the building or facility.

Our annual maintenance contracts are comprehensive and designed to meet specific facility needs and include the following:

  • The use of fully trained and experienced operatives for working at height
  • The use of long reach systems to reduce ladder and other access needs for external eaves guttering
  • Roof and gutter/gulley clearance
  • Outlet clearance
  • Report and photographic records

All AWM Surveyor services are covered by Professional Indemnity insurances of up to £2 million.Contact us