Roof Over Cladding

AWM Surveyors

Our team’s knowledge and expertise were recently called upon to assist a client in Scotland with an over-cladding roof project

Over-roofing or over-cladding can be an extremely economical way of refurbishing any building and AWM Surveyors were on hand to ensure this project was completed safely and correctly and in accordance with warranty terms and conditions.

Our Surveyors worked closely with the installation team to formulate and agree working protocols and impart advice on crucial elements of the construction. Following an initial site evaluation, our team confirmed the suitability of the original fibrous cement roof structure for over-cladding, along with compliance and approval of the build products.

Regular inspections and audits throughout the course of this project ensured design, workmanship and materials were of the highest quality. A great result for both building owner and warranty provider alike.