Residential Building Surveys

AWM Surveyors Ltd undertakes residential surveys throughout the UK to facilitate residential warranty solutions

A good warranty provides peace of mind and assurance that the building or building project will have been completed to the highest standard and our comprehensive inspection and audit processes ensure that this is the case. Our practical auditing experience, advice and in-depth knowledge of the building industry helps to protect your building against poor workmanship, materials and design in enabling warranty terms and conditions to be met.  An AWM survey is designed to secure the future of your building in ensuring that construction and installation works are completed right first time.

Our team of Surveyors are on hand to help, whatever the property, from a small studio flat to detached luxury residences and entire estates. We pride ourselves in our ability to respond swiftly to your survey needs, with each detailed survey report tailored to your specific requirements. Our team are fully qualified and equipped to help you protect your property and enable warranty providers and Insurers to operate with the utmost confidence.

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